Made from the strongest qualities.

Proven to be Strong & everlasting.

1. Class A Fire Rated
Belbien, our decorative self-adhesive film is Class A Fire Rated, perfect fit for commercial spaces, such as malls, offices, restaurants, hotels, yachts, and in your own private home.

It is classified as Class ‘A’ Fire Rated (UL-723) as well as being rated for Fire Door Applications. The usual woodwork is classified as Class ‘B’. In a lot of projects regular woodwork gets denied due to its classification. Therefore architects and interior designers tend to look for alternatives that give the same look and texture with a higher fire rated certification.

Due to Belbien being rated for Fire Door Applications, it can be installed on escape doors in case of fire emergencies. With endless design possibilities, architects and designers have the comfort of using vinyl in their everyday projects attributable to its safety aspects. It is a perfect match for being installed on yachts since Class A Fire Rated is a requirement for resurfacing yachts.

Belbien EX series is proven to be weather resistant. It can withstand heat and cold temperatures at -10 to 50 degrees celsius. That’s why Belbien can be applied on the interior and exterior of commercial and residential buildings.

Other items that don’t have a class A fire rating can quickly cause fire if it gets too hot. Therefore, we always recommend installing Belbien to avoid such tragedies. Belbien is proven to be heat resistant.

Decorative Film is more affordable and eco-friendly compared to wood, marble, leather, and other materials. It can be easily applied to damaged surfaces, eliminating the phase of demolition. Along with that, installation is quick and efficient. During the installation process, most or all the product is used in order to eliminate waste.

5. CLEANABLE & Repairable
Did you know our decorative film, Belbien is easily cleanable if it gets dirty unlike other products that can be quickly ruined. It can be also easily repaired by cutting out the damaged part only instead of removing the entire film and re-applying it.

Belbien patterns ranging from stone, metal, wood, solid colors, and more!
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